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A revived tradition

Bell casting has a long tradition in Waidring, even today, two of three full-time bell foundries in Tirol can be found here. With "Glockendorf" (The Bell Village) this important village identity has been carefully considered and a new experience for locals and guests has been created. The exhibition of "Glockenwelt" (The Bell World) was opened in Autumn 2019. In the summer of 2022, the Bell Adventure Trail will follow. Guided tours can be reserved in the tourist office or with the "Glockendorf Tirol" society. We look forward to welcoming you the village of the Bells here in Waidring in the Pillersee Valley, Tirol.

Experience the world of Bells

The futuristic looking BIATRON in the car park of the lift company, Waidring / Steinplatte accommodates the exhibition "Glockenwelt" (The Bell World) and is the starting point for the Bells Adventure path. In the gigantic dome, not only can the great bells be admired. Here you can also learn about the purpose that the bells had specifically in the Alpine region and from which customs have developed. This is the reason why Waidring has two of the three bell foundries in Tirol.

To the exhibition

The Bell Adventure path

Opening: in the autumn of 2022

You can learn the history of bell casting at various points along the path. You will find out about the specifics of the Waidringer bell foundries and all sorts of interesting anecdotes. The historic bell foundry house, where the first ‘Lugmaier’ bell was cast, must not be missed. Neither is the Waidringer parish church, which is well known to bells lovers for the considerable peal of ‘five bells’.

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Feierliche Eröffnung der Glockenwelt in Waidring


Über einhundert geladene Gäste, darunter zahlreiche Vertreter aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Tourismus, feierten am Samstag die Eröffnung der „Glockenwelt“ in Waidring. Auch am Tag der offenen Tür am Sonntag herrschte großes Interesse am Glockendorf Tirol.


Waidring hängt´s an die große Glocke


Mit der Glockenwelt-Ausstellung öffnet am 14. September das erste von zwei Highlights im Glockendorf Waidring. Unter der Kuppel des futuristischen Biatron erwacht die Tradition des Glockenbaus zu neuem Leben und wird zum interaktiven Erlebnis für Groß und Klein.

Glockendorf Tirol

Waidring - Das Glockenerlebnisdorf in Tirol


Das Glockengießen hat in Waidring eine lange Tradition. Noch heute sind hier zwei von vier Glockengießereien in Tirol zu finden. Mit dem „Glockendorf“ wird dieser wichtigen Dorfidentität Rechnung getragen und ein neues Erlebnis für Einheimische und Gäste geschaffen.


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